Monday, August 9, 2010

This Weekend

As always, the weekends go by so fast! This one was no exception. Sunday was packed with activities. First church in the morning, then off to the pool for some fun in the sun. My son, who's 4, is leaning how to swim. He jumps in the water and can now make his way back to the edge of the pool with no problem. Of course, all of this was going on while my husband was with him in the pool...I'm not crazy!

After the pool, we went to eat some lunch at our favorite bbq spot, Sonny's. My son loves it, too, which is funny because I was truly obsessed with that place when I was pregnant.

After lunch we went to good ol' Walmart to buy some toys for our son. He got to pick a couple of items because he was a good boy and filling up his marble jar. It's a reward system we use and it works really well for us. Every morning, if our son was good the day before he gets 6 marbles, if he was only good for part of the day, he gets 3. Once he fills up the jar with marbles, he gets to pick out a toy or two.

So, what does he pick? Silly bands and binoculars. If you are a parent and have silly bands all over your house, you probably understand why my reaction was, "Silly bands...again?" He loves them though and so, I'm happy.

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