Monday, August 10, 2009

A Beach Pic

I clearly remember taking this picture two and a half years ago in Miami Beach. It was a chilly late-October morning and the beach was almost completely bare.

I found that it is the most beautiful when it can be seen in its natural state, without people. I was with my husband, my mom, and my son, who was 1 at the time.

When I pulled this picture from the picture box to scan it, it reminded me of how much I miss the beach and miss Miami. It is truly a beautiful place. I remember going to the beach every weekend when I was growing up. My entire family would rent rooms in the same hotel and it was awesome. My cousins and I would spend the entire weekend on the beach or in the pool.

It's so sad that as time passes and one gets older, you forget how to enjoy simple things, like a trip to the beach or a picnic at a park.

We get so preoccupied with our jobs and other responsibilities that we truly forget to...just simply...enjoy life.

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